What is Digital Printing

Digital printing has made significant advancements over the past few years. Its main advantage is on-demand printing and short turnaround time without sacrificing print quality. It is one of the fastest-growing segments among the advertising and media companies.

With digital printing, images are transferred from a computer directly to a variety of media using a high-volume inkjet printer. The printer transfers four or more colours of ink simultaneously onto the media in passes resulting in significant increase in output and efficiency.

The ink forms a thin layer on the surface of the media and is instantly dried using UV light or IR heat curing processes. The adhesion is colour fast and long lasting. Further surface finishing may be applied for even more durability.

Why Use Digital Printing

The versatility of digital printing allows it to accommodate a myriad of print media like paper, film, fabric, vinyl or even glass without intermediate mediums like film negative or plate making machine.

While its initial cost rises above traditional printing techniques, its savings on time and labour reduces final costs. Customers also do not need to keep huge print inventories thanks to digital printing print-on-demand capabilities.

Our Digital Printing Service

Digital printing can be applied to various formats depending on application. We use the latest technologies in digital printing which includes HP Latex printers and inks, self-adhesive materials from Avery Dennison, plotters from Graphtec, router from AXYZ and many more to fulfill our customers' requests.

Here are the range of print services that Scapemedia offers:

  • Grand Format Prints - This is best for 24/7 exposure. You'll want your brand looking its best in all weather, at any time of day or night. We have a long track record in printing and installing grand format billboards. You will be in safe hands for this complex task.
  • Fleet Graphics - Use your fleet to drive sales. Whether you have one van or an entire fleet, Scapemedia is your one stop solution. Send your company's message using dynamic, colourful graphics and picture perfect photography that show more than just your company name and phone number! We offer partial or full vehicle wraps that can transform your vehicle into a mobile advertisement display.
  • Rigid Format Prints - Being able to print directly onto rigid substrates without the need for mounting is an attractive proposition for some businesses.
  • Fine Art Prints - Discover the perfect print, canvas or photo for your once-in-a-lifetime memories. The perfect choice for art lovers. Be delighted with the sharpness and resolution of the details.
  • Custom Prints - Have any unusual or non standard printing requirements. We're here to help. Just give us a call and we'll work with you to get the job done!

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