Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics (which also includes vehicle wraps) have emerged as effective yet affordable alternative to conventional advertising. Instead of spending huge budgets for highway billboard rental or television commercials, advertisers could take advantage of internal delivery assets and put up advertisements for a fraction of the cost.

Fleet Graphics turn your car, van or box lorry into moving billboards for your business. Instead of mundane designs, colourful graphics allow for creative advertisements and detailed messaging that gives brand exposure to a larger crowd of customers whether you're driving on the roads or parked at areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Advertising through fleet-wide wraps rank highest in effectiveness among the many types of outdoor advertising mediums. Being high visible and mobile, fleet graphics offer a high return on investment with good market penetration and viewer recall.

We use durable high-quality wrapping films such as those from Avery Dennison to create vibrant graphics so that your car, van or truck will continue to look stunning for years.

Truck Curtains

Truck Curtains (also known as curtainsiders) are ideal for transportation of general palletised freight and provides high impact graphics ideal for on-road exposure of your brand.

We print on heavy duty high tensile vinyl and finish with durable UV inhibiting 2K coating to create vibrant colors for a more aesthetically pleasing curtain in addition to protecting your goods from weather.

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